— Feeling uninspired at the start of Monday morning? Do this! ? and looooove every second of this day! ❤?— Read this ?

Watch full movie:

Don’t just read, feel it ?

Don’t just feel it, mean it! Do NOT allow your thoughts to take you away from it. Convince an audience of 100 people you mean it!?

? Don’t just mean it, CRY ?your way through it feeling ALL you are not allowing yourself to be feel ALL of it!

? Don’t just cry, dance with your tears?

? Don’t just dance, breath it in with all you’ve got. ALL of it! ‘I love my life. I #love #Mondays. I am #excited, #aroused and look forward to what’s coming on my #path

Hmmm.. I LOVE not knowing how you will UNFOLD.. I am EXCITED in EVERY moment.. I love what I do.. I deeply FEEL my purpose and KNOW I am on the right path, I FEEL my way through my path and I TRUST my inner voice guides me.

I just totally LOVE this life. I love the ABUNDANCE of it. I am grateful to be boosted by so many INSPIRING people guiding me on my path! All has beendone. All is created. I only have to FEEL what resonates and ACT without resistance andI’m doung GREAT! —

The above flowed through me this morning as a thank you to life.. To darkness AND beauty, to allowing and RECEIVING to the point I’m in tears and feel how my heart wants to open more more more.. Hmmm thank you lovely beings for your STRENGTH & inspiration today and @foundr for sharing these!!

❇ ‘Believe in your dreams and dream big. And after you’ve done that, dream bigger.’??by @foundr & #howardschultz

❇ ‘Learning NEVER exhausts the mind ‘ @leonardodavinci

❇ The podcast? Launch it! The book? Wrote it? The job? Land it! The idea? Finish it out. Just DO it!

❇ Feel and face your fears and all resistance dissapears! When the water breaks a baby is born! – by me. ???‍♀ —

So go for your dreams, you know what they are if you allow them, have the best day & week of your life all my lovely sisters and brothers! You got this! ???