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My name is Griet Johanna. 
In 2015  I founded Moov-IT by combining my passion for health and wellbeing with my skills of business, marketing, sales & managing teams.
I love acroyoga, vegan food and deep talks on the beach under the stars.
I have a one-year Bachelor in Sports Sciences, Masters Degree in Business Administration and Level 3 Reiki Certificate.
I have lived as a Digital Nomad since 2018 and fell in love with Byron Bay in Australia. That’s where I currently live. Whilst being an entrepreneur I lived in over 16 countries and +200 AirBnbs and I published 2 books about my Dreamjob and Out Of Office lifestyle.
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I am an entrepreneur with Belgian roots.
I created my own “Dream Worklife” combining my Master Degree in Economics with my passion for Wellness and behavior change!
I founded and developed, a Consulting and Saas Marketplace by the age of 30.
I have created lasting behavior change with over 8.000 coworkers, Directors & CEO’s, managed Corporate Wellness projects in over 20 large corporations, proving ROI in 3-6 months with consistent participation rates of over 80%.
I am one of the first “Digital Nomad Entrepeneurs” and have lived and worked in over 15 countries in 2 years. My book Out Of Office launched July 2019.
I’m the lead trainer in Start2Dreamjob, guiding wellness professionals to get large corporate contracts.
I combine my academic knowledge with a holistic approach to get clear results.
My clients are professionals, corporate wellness consultants & agencies in Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia and Canada.

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