Burnout as A Gift!


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Let’s talk about preventing burnout!

“Burnout is a gift”

Let’s start with the beginning…

Ask yourself, what is it that makes you continue to read this specific article on Burnout…

Go deep inside and feel…

Something triggers you rationally and/or emotionally…

I invite you to ask yourself, what “word” triggered my thought / my emotion…

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Once your INTENTION is clear…

Let’s get to the real stuff.

What is burnout?

Ok. Before going there. I want to set the context within I’ll be discussing Burnout in this article. And the context is your work environment.

All my experience, all my sharing is coming from doing over 5 years of consulting projects within the corporate environment, also called “Corporate Wellness”.

And what the *** is Corporate Wellness?

Very simple: every ACTION someone AT WORK that is taking to be healthy and productive.

So yes. Companies want to grow their business. They want healthy, happy people.

A talk I just had:

“As a Sales Representative, I have to take into account my sleep. It is directly related to how I much sell.”

You can look at it the “negative” way. Whaaaaat? Do organizations only care about my health because then I am more productive?

Yes and no.

Any work agreement is a business agreement to deliver each other a pre-defined number of services. In that agreement, each co-worker is responsible for his/her own health.

Off course as an organization you are responsible to be ethical, to create an awesome work environment to attract the best professionals. But in the end, all is about helping each other in the business agreements.

And hey…if you’re work environment isn’t soothing, you just quit and find another job.

Having companies offering Corporate Wellness is awesome.

It doesn’t just help YOU to create healthy habits, it’s also a topic of conversation, an energy boost, a full vibration that is lifted in the whole organization environment!

Yes. It will take the effort of yourself, to learn about what gives and takes YOUR energy. Nobody can do that for you.

By doing it in your work environment, it WILL affect YOUR whole life.

“All your relationships will transform, including your relationship with money.”

Here are some of the benefits.

So let’s dig in it:

When was the last time you felt:

  • Truly excited?
  • So alive your whole body was smiling?
  • Full of energy
  • Overflowing of love from your heart

How FULL is your “container” of energy?

Sit for about 5 minutes…

Write down all the thoughts that come up…

Next to each thought, put a “+” or a “-” whether this thought GIVES or TAKES your energy.

Make the balance.

How are you doing?

Are most of your thoughts and topics giving you energy?

Or do you mostly see deadlines, social obligations, household chores that create anxiety…?

Stay sitting…

Go back to when you were a kid…


What gave you energy, excitement, joy…

Feeling that feeling as if you are there right now…

THIS is energy.

This is your inner drive.

This feeling is what you want to be looking for all day long.

Today I will not give you this checklist and self-test to see if you are almost in burnout are not…

Because to be honest…

Most of the professionals just like you are draining energy…

And this is exactly where we are supposed to be.

We are ready for the next step.

We are entering a new era where we can be grateful for all foundations that have been built the past 100 years…

But now it’s time to fill it.

And what is Corporate Wellness?
Very simple: every ACTION someone AT WORK that is taking to be healthy and productive.

So here’s the first 4 steps to take…

Release tension!

Oh… Before we go there…

Just remember the “why” of burnout.

It’s your body calling out for YOU… To give it attention… Reaching out…

Imagine this is your body’s message:

“Hey I’m here..

Would you please listen to me…

I’m not here to cause any pain I just want your attention…

So when you have a headache and you distract it with a pill…

Well… I need to find another way to get your attention something is wrong inside…

I want your attention…

So you can focus on me…

So you can focus on the body parts that need healing…”

Above this is a “Find your Energy” session for a Bank in Belgium.

What a beautiful moment…

A beautiful office…

An amazing leader…

All colleagues together.

Getting to know themselves, taking ACTION and by so… connect deeper with each other…

So here’s what you can get going with!

Step 1: Release tension.

Try out yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga tune up balls or a Thai Massage to get tension OUT of your body. This “tension” is as little “knots” in the muscles, it takes energy, release them.

==> Once you find YOUR thing, YOUR way, make it YOUR habit!

“Action means: day, time, place (people) “

Example. Every day at work 9 am, release tension for 1 minute.

Step 2: Release emotions.

Emotions get “stuck” in the body too!

Remember how you feel your throat tighten when you see that one manager or you feel pain in your belly when you have to give a presentation, THAT is your body talking, something is blocked and most likely an old emotion (remember the stress you felt as a 15-year old giving your first presentation in high school, it’s still there in your body… let it out…)

Sit with it. Meditate and let it go. Allowing an emotion to pass will take just 90 seconds!

==> Once you find YOUR thing, YOUR way, make it YOUR habit!

Step 3: Distance from your mind

Our mind is the most wonderful thing there is!

It’s just being scattered with over 60.000 thoughts fed by external stimuli, you most likely aren’t aware. EVERY sign on the street (even if you don’t look at it), every word on the radio and in the newspaper goes through your mind’s “safety” process. It “reads” it to check if it’s a “danger” or not. Sit still. 20 minutes… Just to let your mind do it’s process, without engaging, look at the thoughts and let them pass.

==> Once you find YOUR thing, YOUR way, make it YOUR habit!

Step 4: Food that empowers

After eaten you should get ENERGY!

You should feel happy, healthy.

Not drained because your digestion needs 4–6 hours to process that enormous meal.

As a rule of thumb: great food is not addictive and boosts your energy.

Try “cacao powder” instead of your coffee, which is natural caffeine.

==> Once you find YOUR thing, YOUR way, make it YOUR habit!

Get going.

And remember… Burnout… Your energy levels… Your body… is Your gift!

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But start with playing with these 4 tips.

If you already implement these healthy habits and want to go deeper, into the psychology of it, if you feel confident to boost this in a company or have questions, drop me and my colleagues from our CommunityCreator team an email and we will gladly listen to your needs, offering an extra perspective.

And if you have any other questions, mail me, I answer every mail.

“Today, magic will happen”.

“One is in flow when the action comes effortlessly”.

Love & light,
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