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I’m sharing with you a very simple “hands-on”  4-step model to diagnose how your organization is doing in terms of productivity and future readiness.


Keep reading to do the test and find out how “healthy” your organization is!


Are you working in a company with sick, absent and unproductive employees? 


How does that affect you?


How could that affect you? 


In every company, I walk in, I do a small “check-in” of how it’s ACTUALLY going.


Because “WORDS”, are only 5% of communication.

I desire to know how someone DEEP INSIDE truly is feeling.

Because that’s when we connect.

And I feel love, warmth, gratitude and an insane drive to keep going!


Deep inside.

How are they feeling at this exact moment?

Can we be human enough to fully SHOW ourselves to each other?

That moment when we decide to look in each other’s eyes or keep distance.


I want to know how someone feels.

How a group of people is doing.


Because it affects ME too. 


We are all connected.

We are created as beautiful MIRRORS of each other.


Have you ever noticed a sudden headache coming up when talking to someone?

Or a belly pain with a specific person?


We, as humans can feel each others’ emotions.

Not always.

But we can “zoom” in.

We can (often unconsciously) allow someone to zoom into feeling our emotions as if they were theirs.


That’s why it’s important for yourself and your family, to ALLOW, observe and ACCEPT how you feel.

To release an emotion when it comes up (as it lasts only 90 seconds when being allowed). To be a beautiful OBSERVER of what’s passing THROUGH you.


Allowing your emotions rather than “holding them” influences EVERYONE you meet.

Even more. It increases or decreases the chances of your dreams and desires becoming a reality.


What’s the DIAGNOSIS in your company?

How is the energy in your company?

Are you being pulled in an upward spiral into positive emotions of excitement, appreciation, unconditional love, and gratitude?

Or do you feel drained, more negative and frustrated at the end of each day?



What’s your company’s vibrational health state?

Use this 4-step model to do the DIAGNOSIS:

Step 1:

Observe the conversations, the questions… What are your colleagues talking about? Is it healthy uplifting and empowering? Is it about success stories?

Score: 1 (extremely negative) to 10 (extremely positive) : … / 10

Step 2:

Are feelings and emotions shared? If so, positive or negative? Anger or frustration? Or excitement, joy, and love?

Score: 1 (extremely negative) to 10 (extremely positive) : … /10

Step 3:

The actions and habits. Are they productive? Do the same issues come by every day. Can you already predict what’s going to go wrong? Or is there a positive culture of constructive feedback and continuous improvement making you feel safe and proactive rather than solving issues?

Score: 1 (extremely reactive/problem solving) – 10 (extremely proactive)

Step 4:

What’s the culture, the reality. In general, how is your organisation doing? This is the combination of all of the above.

Score: 1 (extremely negative) – 10 (extremely positive)


Share your results here!


If this resonates.

Then you are ready for the most important journey, ALL companies will be taking the next months and years.


The journey of connection.

Of togetherness.


Of measuring vibration and frequency.

Of allowing emotion and having people driven by inner fire and purpose.

Of boosting each other.


Schedule a call to find out if this is a fit for you and your organization 


This is your first step into this journey.

Get ready to take your professional next steps to assist your company into a vibrant workforce.


Create a dynamic workplace now

And if you have any other questions, mail me, I answer every mail.

Have an amazing day.

And feel some emotion.

“One is in flow when the action comes effortlessly”.

Love & light,

Griet Johanna,

Founder Moov-IT.eu