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Do you want to help cities & companies create healthy cultures?

Is your purpose to prevent disease & create connection?

Dreamjob helps you to create a career adapting workspaces to retreat center environments.

An office as a  second home, with friends rather than colleagues, a place where movement, high energy nutrition, safe relationships, purpose and mental exercise are rooted into the culture.

Welcome to The MoovPiramid

The MoovPiramid is used in all Moov-IT training and technology. This is a summary creating together with the Colruyt Group of all healthy habits companies, cities and individuals can invest in. We teach professionals and cities how to calculate the impact of wellbeing on society and business results. 

Learn how to create Digital Wellbeing Community

Learn how to successfully create a community in a company or city. Taking coaching from 1-1 to guiding 1000s of people online and scaling yourself as a coach.

Get certified as a Corporate Wellness Consultant
Moov-IT provides you with a 6-step system to create a community that drives itself towards healthier habits and a happier worklife culture.
Redefine your own
Work-life balance

On top of the Dreamjob course you receive access to the Digital Nomad course. This is a summary of 20.000 hours of questions, insigths and inspiration of how to work  when you want and where you want. Practice what you preach in creating a  unique work-life balance!

Overview of the 6-week Dreamjob Course 

Here’s the overview of what you’ll learn:

  • Week 1:  Talk business language, create a wellbeing business case and confidently share your story
  • Week 2: Get a decision maker on the phone and enjoy exploring their needs! Understand the quantum physics of connection;
  • Week 3: Authentically communicate, make a professional proposal and get Corporate Wellness Contracts 
  • Week 4: You are hired and are now crafting your own wellbeing program
  • Week 5: You train managers, community managers and ambassadors in a company or city to roll out the wellbeing program
  • Week 6: You report, upsell create testimonials & scale your business with online wellbeing technology
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Week 1 
  • Create your Dreamjob Threesome
  • The 4 things that matter
  • Your Goal: 2 contracts
  • How to use the Dreamjob Club
  • Brain orgasms or Moovs
  • Mindset: thoughts and behavior
  • Your job: changing behavior
  • How to be seen as a trusted advisor
  • Welcome in the world of Corporate Wellness
Week 2 
  • Who is your Dream Customer?
  • Exercises and Action Item
  • Who would you love to work for?
  • You create your message for authentic communication
  • Let go of resistance
  • Word pollution 
  • The Storm Test
Week 3 
  • Strategy Sessions are Fun 
  • Let your customer feel it 
  • 12 steps to get solutions for problems 
  • The 6 parts in your proposal or invoice 
  • 3 Case Studies about Corporate Wellness 
  • How Corporate Wellness prepares companies and cities for the future

See how participants are enjoying their journey!

Dreamjob Testimonials

Is this your dreamjob?

My Skills
  • I love creating an agile way of work in my company, getting everyone along!
  • I get projects done and love motivating my teams to join me 😉
  • I love exploring new and creative ways of communicating in my company
My Passions
  • I’m interested in all areas of health
  • I’ve tried to move more at work, release tension, eat healthier, focus my mind through meditation, ..
  • “Name it.. I’ve tried it ;-)”
People I love working for
  • It excites me to work with large groups
  • I enjoy working for innovative organisations
Week 4 
  • 4 Corporate Wellness Budgets
  • Preparing meeting with Project Lead
  • Recruiting Project Lead based on inner qualities
  • Showing C-level decision maker
  • What questions and alignment at beginning of project is needed 

Week 5

  • Focus on Sales
  • Tactics and Strategy to invite Ambassadors 
  • Cocreate with project teams
  • 5 things that matter
  • Present to CEOS
  • Teach teamleads to create sustainable cultures
  • Flyers, newsletters & videos
  • Know your numbers
  • First structure of long term community
Week 6 
  • Celebrating your successes
  • Handling fears
  • Slowing down before being pulled into speed of corporate cultures
  • Time Management
  • Set financial priorities
  • Contracts 
  • All you need to think about is discussed in the contract 
  • Create and visualize your references
  • What will results be of future projects 
  • Testimonials of Moov-IT methodology 

Answers to the Most Asked Questions about the Dreamjob Program 

Review Most Asked Dreamjob Questions

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