Are you ready for a job as corporate wellness manager?

Is your purpose to create health and connection?

Help create a workspace adapted to millenials. A second home, with friends rather than colleagues, a place where sports and mental exercise are rooted into the corporate culture.

Build a Community

Learn how to successfully create a community within your company. A community that drives itself towards healthier habits and a happier workplace.

Picture:  Ambassadors @sarie_verheughe @ @healingmirror hosting an AcroYoga  Bodypaint Gathering in community Ghent

Become a Corporate Wellness Expert

Moov-IT will teach you the ins and outs of Corporate Wellness, from the basics to advanced techniques in establishing company-wide habits.

Picture: Healthy Food Ambassador @tettelinm and DigiNomad Ambassador @healingmirror ‘s  yoga habit :p

Redefine your work-life balance

We provide you the tools to work when you want, how you want. Take back control of your work-life balance!

Picture: Ambassadors @timf & @healingmirror doing an outdoor meeting

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My Skills
  • I love creating an agile way of work in my company, getting everyone along!
  • I get projects done and love motivating my teams to join me 😉
  • I love exploring new and creative ways of communicating in my company
My Passions
  • I’m interested in all areas of health
  • I’ve tried to move more at work, release tension, eat healthier, focus my mind through meditation, ..
  • “Name it.. I’ve tried it ;-)”
People I love working for
  • It excites me to work with large groups
  • I enjoy working for innovative organisations

Start off right away!

Ready to start your exploring if this dreamjob resonates and start as a Corporate Wellness Manager? We’re here to help you every step of the way.
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