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I’m Griet Johanna.



My name is Griet Johanna. 


In 2015  I founded Moov-IT by combining my passion for health and wellbeing with my skills of business, marketing, sales & managing teams.


I love acroyoga, vegan food and deep talks on the beach under the stars.


I have a one-year Bachelor in Sports Sciences, Masters Degree in Business Administration and Level 3 Reiki Certificate.


I have lived as a Digital Nomad since 2018 and fell in love with Byron Bay in Australia. That’s where I currently live. Whilst being an entrepreneur I lived in over 16 countries and +200 AirBnbs and I published 2 books about my Dreamjob and Out Of Office lifestyle.

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Moov-IT businesses help individuals and companies create healthy habits. 

We help professionals and companies create healthy habits and a dream work-life. We worked with over 8.000 professionals and 25 large organisations and cities. 

Have a look what of our 4 businesses can support you or your company / city.

Looking for your career with purpose?

We help you explore your own skills and attract or modify a career that values your gifts. Working on your own terms and determining how a healthy worklife works is the basic foundation. Our Digital Nomad services inspire and guide people. Through real life examples, psychology, business knowledge, technology and a tribe of unique humans we help you create your dream worklife that is financially fulfilling!

Ready to help large groups in wellbeing habits?

We help you be seen and get hired by cities and companies for 60 days to implement cultures of wellbeing. By taking what already works in large groups and adding models of behavior change and technology communication you get systems to show clear results to your dream customers. On top, you work from where you want and travel to keep getting most pioneering wellbeing knowledge in-house at your customers.

A culture of measured healthy habits in your company?

Do you want control of your wellbeing culture. Are you doing a lot of activities, investing in workshops but only getting 20% of your teams along and not seeing long term results? We match you with a Dreamjob Consultant that has a look at your current company or city wellbeing offer and helps you improve and measure your offer to have lasting behavior change, more healthy employees and citizens and a thriving social community. Our tools, qualified consultants and tribe of CEOs and Mayors helps you be a pioneer in caring about people. Our technology helps you jump 10 years ahead by using online tools to match people with shared passions.

Wellbeing offices in your city or company? 

Is your home, company office or city infrastructure full or not fully adapted for the new wellbeing way of working? Our Tiny MoovVillage Houses can be ordered and installed quick for you to have the most unique motivating wellbeing office, cowork and or coliving space. The biggest benefit? You can move it! 

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