Lockdowns are over.
Let’s prevent this from EVER happening again!


Done with Lockdowns & Mouth Masks?

Safety first. For sure. But the continuous flow of contradictory rules is reaching it’s peak. Especially when you’ve been forced to loose income, close a business or loose your work, you might start to wonder about the effectiveness of all the current – reactive – approaches.

97% of all investments in healthcare are re-active. Meaning, used when people are ALREADY too sick. 70% of dis-ease can be avoided. So instead of putting buckets under a running tab, let’s close the tab. Are you in?  

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How has COVID affected your health?

You may had some symptoms, felt nothing at all, or had a severe dis-ease. Apart from the effect the COVID in late stage had, how is your overall health state?

  • How’s your emotions? Are you feeling anxious & angry or happy excited and ligth? 
  • How’s your mind? Does the word – COVD – directly bring up a cough or depression symptoms?
  • How’s your relationships? Do you feel warm & protected by like minded souls sharing similar beliefs? 
  • How’s your movement? Are you going outside? Enjoying nature and picking up on sports and hobbies? 
  • How’s your food? Is your food lifting you up?
  • How’s your purpose? Are you excited about your job? Did you loose your job or are you reconsidering your life purpose? Did money become an issue or a confirmation you are safe? 
  • How’s your sleep? Deep nights of restful sleep, looking forward to go to bed or worries and anxiety beating in your cheast? 
  • How’s your addictions? Have you let go of drugs or smoking or taking new addicitions in the form of food, doing, … 

All these 8 areas we call the MoovPiramid. The MoovPiramid measures and follows up on each of these areas to keep you FULL of energy, joy and enabling you to charge your own battery without needing any external pushes. 

Experiment with us: Release COVID symptoms in 1 hour

Prevent COVID together. Herd immunity – online, we call it the Butterfly Experiment 

Marketing uses psychological techniques. Repeat 4-6 times the same concept and the unconscious brain takes it in. Motivational coaches declare the same thing “Believe it and it becomes realithy”. Saddly this is true for negative reality too. Have you noticed your friends in the similar city sharing exactly opposite stories about lockdown, holidays? Some enjoying the relax pace of life while others are in constant stress? 

The WHO has pushed a unified view on that even let’s worldwide reknowed virologists battle. OUR health should not be an object for politics and financial incentivized systems. 

That’s why we are launching the Butterfly Experiment. A -free- challenge that allows us to bring together ALL views of renowed doctors, scientist, into 1 campaign, GET in action AND measure results. The win for Moov-IT ? We have the tools, we use them in companies, if you like our apps and marketplace you might like our other paying services too. The win for Griet Johanna? I worked with > 1000 experts on prevention of disease worldwide and  I want to bring their knowledge to the world.  I cannot wait for the world to be open again as I can see stronger potential in COOPERATION rather than in current ego battles. 

Share your knowledge: Join COVID Prevention Clubs

Get Started Preventing COVID:
Share your Voice:

Download the Moov-IT Corporate Communities app in the App  store and choose  – Butterfly Experiment – . This space is dedicated to all people who want to help prevent disease with proven data.

In the app you’ll find clubs – people discussing similar topics on the effects of movement, nutrition, sleep … on COVID. Constructive and TOGETHERNESS approach ONLY

There is a challenge for if you have COVID symptoms with the aim to find the root cause in 1 hour and release the symptoms. More challenges can be created through community experts. 

Download the App, log your results & let's prevent disease

This is the Butterfly experiment to focus on Prevention. We aim to bring together holistic wellbeing professionals from Eastern and Western medicine to be 1 voice, rather then endless discussions. The community App is open to cocreate and offer an open-minded approach to a Global crisis.

All negative or fear-creating discussions will be removed instantly.  Self-responsibility for beliefs and feelings is the basics and will be strictly monitored. 
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