Unlock Your Potential: Discover If YOU are the Perfect Leader for Corporate Wellness in Your Company or City!

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Clear Business Return
  • Our Trusted Advisor Toolkit helps you make decisions on wellbeing strategy  from 200 employees to 1 million 
  • Calculate ROI and Estimate Cost Savings: Corporate Wellness Program Calculator
  • Customize Well-being Measurements for Data-driven Insights
Engagement rates up to 80% 
  • Streamline Corporate Wellness Setup with Our 60-Day Rollout Plan
  • Inspire an integrated custom Culture of Wellness with Influencers and Ambassadors
  • Track Progress and Improve Behavior Change with Clear Reporting
  • Connect Employees with similar wellbeing interests with a Customized Wellness Overview
  • Enjoy our fully custom platform to add your courses, challenges from your favorite wellbeing teachers linkedin into measurable business results 

What does our Corporate Wellness Platform mean for you?

Automated Corporate Wellness Processes with Our 60-Day Rollout Plan
  • As a user, you can quickly and easily find what healthy activities can be integrated in their day-day work-life and connect with colleagues with similar health passions 
  • Managers can save time and effort as they will be involved as stakeholders in the 60-day rollout plan and have control over what healthy habits they allow or not in their team ,
  • Our 60-day rollout ensures a high match between the wellbeing needs of users, the performance needs of managers and return on investment needs of management
Full Internal Marketing Communication Platform
  • As a user: This app gathers all initiatives around wellbeing in your company for you to have a user friendly overview. You adapt the app to your individual health interests, allowing yourself to be supported in overcoming any type of wellbeing challenge and make lasting behavior changes. You can access expert-backed app guidance and interactive quizzes, and be inspired by colleague ambassadors to adopt healthy habits that benefit their well-being.
  • Manager Benefits: Managers can witness their team members’ confidence growth and development as they receive personalized corporate wellness support. This support fosters a positive and productive work environment, leading to increased employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall team performance.
Track Progress and Improve Behavior Change with Clear Reporting
  • User Benefits: Users can track their progress on behavior change across various well-being topics, such as nutrition, mindset, movement, sleep, social purpose, emotion, and addictions. Quick self tests empower users to daily measure their progress and stay motivated on their wellbeing journey. 
  • Manager Benefits: Managers gain access to comprehensive reports on business return, participation levels in each topic of wellbeing and behavior change analysis. This data allows them to evaluate the effectiveness of the corporate wellness program, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to further enhance employee engagement and well-being

How to Create a Healthy Workplace in an Exciting Way!

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier and more vibrant workplace? Look no further! Our comprehensive course is designed to guide you and your team in creating a healthy environment that fosters well-being and productivity.

Step 1: Order our Course to get started, simply place an order for our course. This course is tailored for a team of three individuals from your organization with 20 hours of content. Your team will receive 1 coaching session with a consultant each week.  Within 24 hours, you’ll receive access to the course materials, and we’ll schedule a 1-hour onboarding meeting to kickstart your journey and set your schedule. Our experienced instructors will provide valuable insights and guidance, ensuring you have a strong foundation to begin creating a healthier workplace.

Step 2: Fill in the Survey To better understand your organization’s needs, we encourage you to fill in our survey. This survey will help us assess how much time you’ll require with a consultant, to further enhance your wellness initiatives. Based on the survey results, we’ll determine the ideal package for your company (or city). During the onboarding meeting, we will confirm that the selected package aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Step 3: Order our Software To support and streamline your wellness efforts, we offer our state-of-the-art software solution. By ordering our software, tailored to the number of employees in your organization, you’ll receive a complimentary 6-month subscription as part of the course package. This allows you to seamlessly integrate technology into your wellness initiatives from the very beginning. Moreover, as your journey progresses, we can customize the app and add additional functionality to meet your specific needs, ensuring a truly personalized experience.

By following these three simple steps, you’ll be well-equipped to create a healthy and thriving workplace. Our course, survey, and software provide the foundation for your journey towards a culture of well-being. Let’s work together to transform your workplace and empower your team members to lead healthier lives. Start today and unlock the full potential of your organization!

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