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Each of our Team Members have their own stories and unique ways of connecting with us. We combine our Skills, with our Passions and work for Business (cities and companies) We help all professionals to find their spark, high energy and passion at work. Many quit jobs and decided to combine their skills (example: marketing) with their passions (ex: health) and focus on creating healthy places to work. This three-circle with any type of skill, combined with a passion for health and working for business is: Corporate Wellness! 

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↑  The ‘Moov-IT ThreeCircle’. Determine your Career path through Corporate Wellness by defining your skills (left), passion (right). Corporate Wellness is about aligning these to our target group which is businesses. (bottom).

We create a workspace adapted to Digital Nomads. A second home, with friends rather than colleagues, a place where athlete mindset and consciousness of e-motion is rooted into the corporate culture, increasing overall feelings of productivity, excitement and alignment.

The MoovAcademy

Learn the ins and outs of corporate wellness in a 12-week internship with weekly videos, supported by your team through engaging video tutorials and real life assignments.
Learn how to create and implement a specific role with the goal of setting up a successful corporate wellness business in 3 months, 30 hours per week with professional coaching.
Get quick and personal support along the way from one of the Moov-IT’s Dreamjob Consultants and the global community!
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We are a purpose driven organisation.
What role would be perfect for you? 

Finance Role

You combine your skills for numbers, graphs, analysis, and automation with a passion for health and wellbeing. You protect your colleagues and are creating safety within the local organization by making sure the finances are mirroring healthy relationships. A balanced flow of money, time, and energy in and out of the company, combined with building reserves to have extra to share is the key foundation to create a lasting successful enterprise. You learn to manage your own work-life whilst updating and managing all aspects of your organization through numbers and graphs.

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Corporate Wellness

You will support the Finance Manager. Whilst he/she focuses on corporate and group dynamics in terms of financing, you will focus on supporting each team member in their own energy balance. You’ll help them find habits that work for them to thrive at work and will see those results mirrored in a successful organisation. You get access to the MoovMethodology and will learn to roll out the Corporate Wellness strategy in 12 weeks, working closely together with all your colleagues. You’ll lead by example by sharing your own work life and productivity habits with your colleagues.

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You love authentic relationships. You’ll dive deeper into creating nurturing relationships with potential customers and will see results of your progress in customers feeling heard, seen converting into passionate customers and believers. You’ll learn to ‘date’ and invite online strangers to 15-min connection sessions and 45-min analysis sessions where you keep finetuning their needs. You love meeting new people and understanding exactly what the thoughts are of potential customers. You are passionate and love calling, connecting, emailing, crafting the perfect orders and maintaining balanced relationships. You have the guts to share your thoughts and are confident to bring potential customers on the well-being journey of their lifetime!

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R&D: Software Development and Online Course Creators

You are passionate about developing software and look forward to weekly meetings where your customer service colleagues share the new needs of customers. You work efficiently and stay updated with the latest technology. You are well-known with Crypto services and are enjoying building new ecosystems within the Moov-IT Tools. You enjoy measuring and analyzing software performance and user experience and translating the needs of customers into proposals together with your sales colleagues. As an online course creator, you adapt the Moov-IT Global courses into local with the precision of a gymnastics coach, making sure all steps are added for customers to thrive step by step.

Apply Now for a 12-week R&D Internship


You are passionate about understanding the mindset of customer conversion and engagement. You focus all your efforts on strategizing and structuring the questions of customers into clear online communication. You adapt the Moov-IT Global funnels to local language and culture, play with ads on organic channels and are strategic in making content creation planning based on analysis. You use your own Worklife as inspiration to help new customers understand what is Corporate Wellness, why it is for them, how they can prepare themselves, provide all product technical information and work with customer service to be proud of testimonials. 

Apply Now for a 12-week Marketing Internship

Customer Service

You are in daily contact with all customers and understand that each one of them is different. You aim to understand exactly what they need and help offer them the exact knowledge, tools for them to flow through all our products with ease and joy. You communicate improvements to make our customers’ lives easier in the weekly meetings to R&D and create relationships with the customers that your sales colleague introduced to Corporate Wellness. You love relationships and help offer the right products at the right time to your local network. 

Apply Now for a 12-week Customer Service Internship

The Moov-IT Pyramid

Most companies are offering A LOT of workshops to promote health. In an era where we are all overstimulated it’s important to focus and learn new habits step by step. We help employees integrate health knowledge into habits to create new brain patterns to automate their behavior. We researched holistic wellbeing worldwide and created the Moov-IT Pyramid to make it simple for anyone to learn new habits in their work-life!


Move enough, eat healthily, be conscious of addictions and sleep enough. Get basics habits done first!


You are in an organization, constantly mirrored by coworkers learned with you and mirroring with you. Learn to set boundaries,  deal with uncertainty, connect, trust and release emotions to personally develop quicker because of your colleagues’ support!


Once you have the basics done you can focus on learning to use your mind and body to work smarter and get inspired by coworkers’ habits.


Start “feeling” your life path by focusing on “consciousness” awareness in daily habits. What makes you smile, spark, laugh and excited? Feel it, breath it, nourish it!

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How Local Teams Work.

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We believe every day is a brand new exciting adventure.
Here’s what’s habits Moov-ers create:



Sharing Experiences via Blogs:

Transform fear into excitement

Transform your fear of the uncertain into the EXCITEMENT of a 3-year old! “Trust you can cope with whatever comes on your path”


Business Cases

Together with our customers we create clear cases that show how colleagues that cocreate inspire each other.  Learn how our customers use meditation, tension release and nutrition habits to prevent burnout and feel excited. 





Moov-It’s 4 Secret Ingredients

After performing research and projects at over 25 companies Moov-IT determined 4 key factors to successful Corporate Wellness.


The first day you arrive at work, you are welcomed by your Community or Corporate Wellness Manager. He or she guides you through healthy habits and connects you with coworkers with the same interests. No awkwardness but friends from day one!


Create with your people, coworkers and make sure ideas don’t stay ideas but are supported by the community manager. That’s why we are here for you: getting it done! 


Once all your coworkers tasted and inspired each other with blissful habits, it’s time to support each other via online clubs to keep going until the habit is automated in your brain.


Yes, your management wants you to be more productive! Off course! So show off! What habits, ambassadors, what you’re learning so they feel they are investing not only in great connection but also in business: win-win!

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