Organizing healthy workshops and activities isn’t hard. Changing habits and keeping healthy projects going in the long run is. The MoovCommunity helps with just that: establishing and maintaining healthy habits bottom-up.


Why the MoovCommunity?

Give your ambassadors a voice

  • Your ambassadors can create healthy activities with ease. Instead of messaging everyone, the event is promoted automatically. Those who want to join can subscribe with a simple click. And instead of sending everyone the pictures, they can be uploaded on the activity page, which will store them automatically in the user’s personal photo album.
  • Like-minded people can get together in a group or club. In time you will have a runners’ club, a soup club, a yoga club, … where new activities are posted, stories and recipes are shared and pictures are uploaded.
  • Finding things to do can be tricky. However, the MoovCommunity comes with an Inspiration module, which contains a myriad of activity templates. And looking for a healthy lunch or a yoga place? Search for healthy venues in the neighbourhood in our Locations module.
  • Ambassadors can post a Moov, which is a picture and story about the healthy things they do. Just finished your first start-to-run session? Post a Moov and let others know!

Make it easy and fun to participate

  • All the available events are listed in an easy overview and can be filtered on interest or office location.
  • Events are automatically recommended based on the user’s interests.
  • User’s gain MoovPoints for every positive action they take on the MoovCommunity.

Follow up on community activity

  • Dashboards and statistics keep you up-to-date on everything that happens on the community. Keep track of the number of activities organized, clubs created and many more.
  • Easily identify ambassadors that pull the healthy changes in your company. Maybe the organizer of the runner’s club can use some extra support?
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Need help setting up your community?

Getting a community started isn’t easy. Our coaches and trainings help you with the startup of your own thriving company community.


Moov-IT provides trained consultants and worldwide experts to help setting up the community and tackle challenges along the way.



Our aim is to make every company self-sufficient in maintaining their community. For that purpose we have various trainings, supported by MoovCoaches.

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