I am Griet Johanna, a corporate wellness entrepreneur.
I help professionals & companies create healthy worklife habits.
See my work below, learn more about myself, our 3 coaching programs & get in touch.
For Professionals: Be Free Where and When to Work
For Professionals: Be Free Where and When to Work

Coaching Program 1: Start2DigitalNomad

Get more freedom at work, healthier habits, more energy and financial peace of mind. And hey, start working from a tropical island, like me!

For professionals: Create Your Dreamjob
For professionals: Create Your Dreamjob

Coaching Program 2: Start2Dreamjob

I help professionals passionate about wellbeing attract long term dream jobs/customers and get paid well

For Companies: a holiday culture with business results.
For Companies: a holiday culture with business results.

Coaching Program 3: ScaleCommunity

I help your company connect colleagues with shared passions and community clubs.

Chat with me to explore your next step in your dream worklife
Our Coaching Program 1 : 
Work Free of Space and Time as a DigitalNomad
  1. Set financial goals to find peace of mind
  2. Combine your passions & skills to boost your energy
  3. Understand how your brain works to add healthy habits with ease. Maybe work in Switserlands’ hills?
Our Coaching Program 2 : 
Combine your wellbeing passion & professional skills to attract your Dreamjob.
  1. Decide what company you want to be hired by 
  2. Set your hourly fee as a combination of all your experience
  3. Become responsible for the health of >200 coworkers in an organisation or city
Our Coaching Program 3 : 
Get inspired to try healthy habits via ScaleCommunity
  1. Learn what healthy habits your colleagues have
  2. Get inspired on how to feel more energized and connected at work
  3. Get a personal corporate wellness manager supporting you


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Are your Curious what your Next step is in creating your Healthy and financially stable Work Life? 

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Curious to know more? I’m sharing the books I wrote and testimonials of people that created their Dream WorkLives below.

“Corporate Wellness are all initiatives that make people feel healthy, happy and connected with coworkers and community.”

“After working & traveling from 15 countries, I published the book Digital Nomad and felt naked.” 

– Griet Johanna

On my journey of creating healthy worklife habits and living from my passion, “travel” became part of my exploration. In this book I share how I grew and scaled my business abroad and guide you into inspired action. Maybe your ideal workplace isn’t a tropical island, yet what is your next step to feel that extra bit more  “free”? I go “naked” by sharing all my fears openly. For example: “how can I support myself financially when traveling solo”. I also share my blunt thoughts “how can I attract a partner who wants the same lifestyle?”

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Ready for a new challenge?

Is working in Organisational Health and Wellbeing your Dream Job?

I created my own job by combining my skills and passions.
Find out if this is YOUR Dreamjob too.

Watch an inspirational video about this job
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Why Corporate Wellness is Irene’s Dreamjob.

Irene is an engineer, researcher and dance therapist from the Netherlands. She loves to work with companies with an Expat – Mindset. She shares why Corporate Wellness is her Dream Job. Mail us to have Irene create your Healthy Company in the Netherlands or become her colleague in the Start2Dreamjob programme.

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How Catherine did 4 appointments with companies already in week 1.

Catherine from Securex Belgium shares about her first week in Start2Dreamjob. As we are all about Learning by Doing and getting results, in week 1 she already dived in to creating business cases for companies, impressing company leaders with new insights on how Corporate Wellness can give a competitive advantage. Mail us and request for Catherine to make your business case or become her (virtual) colleague. 

Get A Business Case for Your Management

Phaedra is excited to boost the health of >300 employees. She got the job in 8 weeks and is paid wellness consulting fees.

Phaedra is the founder of Oyobar Gent, Belgium and decided to combine her strategic marketing background, with her entrepreneur & customer service skills to guide companies into creating healthier cultures with less voluntary staff, more happiness and less disease. She runs her own business, is accepting applications from new companies and combines this with regular work/travel and surfing. Mail us and request if Phaedra has space to transform your company to a healthy culture or become her colleague.

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What Do Healthy Work Habits Look Like?

Read this E-book and feel it… 🙂 

How to Prepare for a Coaching Session.

I’ve gathered all questions people ask me before they come into our strategy session. Have a look and get the most out of this free advice session to see if Corporate Wellness is your Dream Job! Learn the key trade what people are good in, in this job.

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I love to sing and dance. I naturally try to connect each chakra vibration to a sound. It’s for fun, it’s healing, freeing and I learn so much!

I’ve been traveling as a digital Nomad for 2 years in over 15 countries. This one is about bedbugs, entrepreneurship and love. Follow my journey via my facebook or instagram @healingmirrror.

In our Start2Dreamjob course we create healthy companies and recruit ambassadors. Here’s an example introduction video, this is how we bring energy boosts in companies!

The Art Of Creating Healthy Communities.

Community in my company or city? How?

Online Tools That support your in Creating Healthy Habits

Explore the moovcommunity
Find Out It this can work for your Company
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