Meet My Favorite Brands!

My Favorite Dresses 

I love dresses for the feel. The colours, the joy and playfullness. Turning around and feeling the soft textures on my skin. 

My Favorite Hotpants 

Leaving spaces for my legs to tan. Tight in my waist. And perfect for movement, healing AND work. My favorite shorties in all colours of the rainbow!

My Favorite Skirts 

Wind through my thighs. Feeling sexy and business. Ready for work and ready for relaxation and healthy workbreaks!

My Favorite Bikinis & Bathing Suits 

From Surfer brands to ecobrands saving whales and sexy home-feeling bathing suits. For the beach or in the couch. 

Our collection

T-shirts that connect. Sharing who I am with words, colours and pictures

My Favorite Jackets!

Keeping me warm, cozy or upgrading my looks.

Tops that stand out. 

I like my belly free. Covering my boobs, subtle and curvy. For my shirt or skirt or sarong to flow over my hips.

Sarongs and other favorites

Beautiful pants, warm sweaters, Mandala design covers and playful jewelry