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The Best Way to Get Unstuck is to Take Action.

Do you not know where and how to start your wellbeing career? 

Would you like to learn how to profile or position yourself when you feel you lack certifications or knowledge?

Would you like to learn how to create a business model that allows you to work where and when you want?


Thoughts can sabotage you into thinking you need more qualifications or experience to work in corporate wellness. Become part of a safe community where you can practice  confidence and see results at your own pace.


You have wellbeing gifts and have offered your services but you don’t see a clear systematic approach or simple pitch. Your environment keeps asking – but now what do you do exactly? –


You choose a career in your passion and gave up a high income. Or you lost your job. You may just have become an entrepreneur and investing is a challenge right now.


You’re not sure if corporate is for you, how to reach out to companies, whom to connect with and how to present yourself online. 


You’re not sure exactly what your proposal or invoice will look like, if you need partners to work with or in what direction you will offer services.


You get blocked when being offered 9-5 jobs in fixed locations. You want to work where and when YOU want and aren’t sure how to get started with that journey.

A Step by Step Program 

Our course & tribes prepares you for a job YOU love, at your own pace.

This course helps you to…

  1. … connect with like-minded people all over the world
  2. feel great by fine-tuning your motivation into a state of excitement 
  3. attract your Dream Career now. 
  4. … get clarity what exactly is your wellbeing and worklife passion
  5. … pitch yourself online
  6. … set systems to see the steps towards your comfort & success income

You will get excited and aligned:
  • You will have the financial & business mindset of a succesfull entrepreneur
  • You’ll attract dream customers  
  • You learn to use law of attraction in business
Start right now

Start With Level 1 Dreamjob & Digital Nomad

  • With this product you receive :

    • Access to the Dreamjob Tribe via dreamjob.moov-it.eu
    • 4 episodes of Dreamjob, watch here
    • 2 episodes of Digital Nomad (work where and when you want), watch here
    • 2x per week access to Dreamjob Group coaching online with a Dreamjob Coach
    • Direct access to Griet Johanna & her team to ask your questions via the Dreamjob Club
  • Ask all your questions every day through the Dreamjob club
  • Get access to an online tribe of Dreamjob Participants in +10 countries
Each episode and coaching call you are guided via small goals to get your big goals :
  • You’re motivated to learn through taking small action 
  • These actions become long term consistent habits 
  • To help you be a succesful professional in wellbeing and reach any goal! 
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Level 1  – Digital Nomad 
  • Where do you want to work? 
  • When do you want to work? 
  • What’s your purpose? 
  • What is your specific goal? 
  • How can you create freedom in a safe way? 
  • 4 things that matter to be succesful 
  • Welcome to your Digital Nomad club!
  • Info how to get support 
Level 1 – Dreamjob 
  • What drives you to be more free?
  • Why is it important
  • What are your skills? 
  • What is your passion?
  • Who will see value in your services? 
  • What are beliefs?
  • How do you build your home? 
  • Who are you cotravelers?
  • How can you outsource your life?
And the next levels? 
  • Watch the overview of the full Dreamjob course here.
Create Your Unique Dream Worklife Now

What will you learn? 

  1. Your journey and how a business model looks like 
  2. How to overcome insecurities and fears 
  3. How to get success with an online course 
  4. How to pitch yourself online in a way that feels good
  5. How to have fun learning about corporate wellness

Have a look at our Digital Nomad & Dreamjob Testimonials to see how they are creating their Dream Worklives!

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Dreamjob Testimonials

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