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Have a BIG supporter in your corner!

For anything you want to achieve in life, having someone who unconditionally mirrors & loves you, is a basic foundation. Not a nice to have: a must have. 

This can be your friend, parents, partner, uncle,… or a combination of all of them!

When you decide to become an entrepreneur you will SWIM in rejection all over the place! 

And you’ll learn it’s not about you. That it’s a numbers game. That there’s people with clear and vague intentions on the other side (especially online). 

You need to protect tour energy field. Every conversation we have our brains connect with another person. You know that feeling of not feeling yourself after a meeting? 

After sales calls or coachings, take a shower, consciously disconnect your brain to be fully you! 

Feeling more negative then usual? Having more negative thoughts then usual? Look at what changed in your life! Cities, people, … . Even in travel you will connect with other ‘fields’ of groups of humans. It affects you. 

Every single time, come back to yourself, connect with your foundational unconditional loved ones until you are YOU! Then jump back in. 

What’s your career goals for this week?
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