If you travel and have coaching or consulting sessions, you want to have a focused space to connect with your customers online

Having bustling university life focused on Tech Startups around gives a great feel if you are in a Saas startup like me. 

Regio Kortrijk?

If you are around Kortrijk, hangar K is a cool space that is easy to book (even lastminute). The online booking center allows you to book up to 1 hour in advance for as many hours you need. Your investment to work undisturbed is 20 eur + vat which is 21% in Belgium.


If you’re hungry there is a sweet cafe, outdoor terrace and Kortrijk is a 15 min walk. 

You can come from the train station (15 min walk) or park (paid)in front of the cowork space.

For eating glutenfree vegan I can recommend de Kleinkeuken or Bavets’ glutenfree and vegan pasta. 
Watch instagram reel about Hangar K

Enjoy your work and travel today!

What town are you in?

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