I’m thrilled to have you on my path…

My name is Johanna Griet…

As part of my first start-up, I built a corporate wellness marketplace, and along the way took a spiritual turn.

In the course of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve come to experience the Law of Attraction from the top down.

I turned into my own “lifestyle” experiment learning about health, relationships, nutrition, business strategy, attracting soulmates, moving past soulmates, using the law of attraction, attracting financial abundance, and more…

I am straight-forward but honest, determined and will guide you toward listening to your body, I set high standards, just not as high as the ones you have already set for yourself, I help you dream bigger, cry and let go in order to fully surrender to the earth and make all your dreams come true. In a flash.

This is a great way to get involved in creating your dream career and lifestyle

These are the areas of my life that help me connect to myself.

That’s the KNOWLEDGE I want to pour over you.

The start of your dreamjob journey  for your iconic brand

If the process of working together doesn’t result in you becoming furious, confused or even crying on a regular basis… and then laughing, falling deeper into surrender and feeling pure joy only 5 minutes after we started, I didn’t do a good job.

I’ll be walking you through the emotional scale to empower you and unleash the power of your feminine energy, balanced with YOUR ACTIVITY and your masculine energy.

Using our courses, apps, expert knowledge and community hubs, we’ll work through the hard stuff together. If thatdoesn’t leave you constantly mad, confused or crying…and then laughing, falling deeper into submission and feeling pure joy only 5 minutes later, I haven’t done my job well.

I guide you through the emotional scale, setting you free and unleashing the power of feminine energy balanced with ACTION and your masculine energy.

 Play with other humans while surrendering and elevating each other. Attract your soulmate and experience deep transformation. 

Share your positive vibes to create your DREAM WORK LIFE

MoovDigital Nomad

Connect to YOU, BE OUTSIDE of Space and Time, and CREATE YOUR DREAM WORKLIFE.

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