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No need to cram another event in your schedule. With the MoovAcademy you can learn whenever you want and at your own tempo. 

Keep track of your progress

While you’re learning the MoovAcademy ticks off which episodes you’ve succesfully completed, so you never lose track of your progress.
And not sure about that one thing in the beginning of the course? Just browse through the easy-to-use course overview and hit the episode you want to review.

Hands-on learning

The courses of the MoovAcademy use a hands-on approach and are packed with exercises and assignments. Learning is doing!

Our courses

Tell us who you are and we’ll direct you to the right courses.

Community Builder

You most likely have a yoga studio or organise healthy business meetups, acroyoga gatherings or women’s circles.. Just for fun! We support you!

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Community Manager

You are recovering from a burnout or depression or are experimenting how to keep your energy levels high. You love connecting and boosting colleagues. We show you how to build balance in your life and your company’s life!

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Health Expert

You visit multiple companies weekly to offer your coaching service, invited them to your health studio or share your academic research online. We help you get to your end-customer in 1 step!

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Innovation Lead

You are responsible for the corporate culture of your company, finding all new trends and bringing it all together. You are or report to C-level as in your company, people and development is MAIN focus!

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