Wellbeing And Architecture

Meet our Team!

Abdulla Mandeli is one of our Architecture Students creating MoovVillages. He’s focused on Urban planning and helping our dream of creating 4 MoovVillages around the world become reality, quick!

One of the topics discussed today is how much power a Tiny Wellbeing office needs.

Laptops need 220 Watt and a Tiny House needs about 4kW per day. Sustainability solution: solar panels ON the roof and next to the house.

Check this awesome calculation by our Wellbeing team and the first prototype of our Wellbeing Office.

Are you a company or entrepreneur that wants -healthy- wellbeing oriented offices? Pm me – yes- to get more information about how you can join one of our MoovVillages or create your own Wellbeing Village!

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