3 ways to become Corporate Wellness Director in your company faster and with 0 competition.


Show all your managers and colleagues how passionate you are about Corporate Wellness. Lead by example, get out of your comfort zone and natural become this leader before having the title


Set a clear goal for yourself by when you want to have this position, how many employees’ wellbeing you want to be responsible for, how much value you bring and what your salary and time investment expectations are.


And hey, if this company you work in is not seeing or valueing you, another one will! Stay focused on your goals and move forward to them every single day.


Be so skilled in talking business numbers that you can show there own blind spots in managements’ approach to wellbeing. 

Show your value before you start. Speak the numbers, show the potential extra earnings, income and cost savings.

Make sure you prove that you are worthy and ready to be in that management seat before you get it.