Your Finances show your relationships. 

What do you do if

You believe a certain action happened.

The other person believes the action did not happen. 

What do you? 

1. You immediately believe the other person
2. You doubt and look for grounding and support to proof your action

3. You rest in trusting your own judgement and understand the conflict can create tension.

What do you naturally lean into?

Whatever you choose, you will choose to create an energy imbalance in yourself or in the other person.

There’s no way to avoid this disbalance in energy in this • mental • situation. 

#1 Just assuming the other persons’ judgement is right to get off the energy hook will create habits and chronic distrust of your own judgement. 

#3 With athletes this is a key focus: you need to trust your judgement 💯 in key situations because distrusting yourself can end up in dangerous situations. 

How to figure out if you are a 1/2 or 3?

Here’s a good practice to figure out just how much you trust your own judgement: 

  • Go through your day and notice in interactions if you choose to follow your own judgement or that of other people you work or interact with first. 


  • Then notice, staying with yourself. How does that feel in your body? Letting it go. An unknown feeling? A restriction. A pull back? A hold of your own energy. 

Judging interactions

There’s different contexts and situations but the key to get your goal is to easily learn to discern who’s judgement you value most habitually: others’ judgement or your own? 

Use your financial interactions as the easiest most visible one to judge interactions. 

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