Being kind, caring, loving and compassionate is a gift.

If you are naturally attuned to connect with others, you may find it challening to find a tribe of people, in business, sports, friendship, that are similarly deep-conversations, deep emotion and connection and relationship focused.

Caring and time is so important and yet so left out of Key Performance indicators in the world. 

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Have a FEEL!

Connection means that you work when and where you want, within your flow or natural rhythm of life. 

30 mi Digital Nomads are already doing this all around the world.

It creates self-discipline to lead, communicate and deliver, working from exotic good-feeling destinations.

That’s why our tribe is here: to support you in setting up the best social environment for you!

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We have created a TRIBE of Corporate Wellbeing professionals.

The tribe helps you get your financials goals and build a career… but mostly it helps you be surrounded by a tribe of caring humans creating their own unique lifestyles from a value of connection. 

Join us 2x per week gatherings!