Breakthrough Day

I am have a Breakthrough day!

I am preparing
Step by step
for next competition and I feel proud of my progress!

I focus only on progress! 


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Believe it.

I dream it. I believe it. I show up. And I am surprised by the progress that naturally comes.

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Showing up is growing.

I learn most on Off-days.

Showing up is growing.

The biggest leaps in training happen for me when I feel I have an off day.
• More muscles sharing insights
• A bit harder to get in flow learns me to get in flow easier in the future.
• I feel like I have the current training program covered

The preparation paid off, and I had 0 mental blocks.

Super grateful for the gorgeous, safe set-up and for @perlinearth being, next to my insta-boyfriend 😆 also Trampo-Boyfriend now! So much celebrating huge milestones 

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Design is Everything

(Today I had 2 big 2-3 hour sessions of Gymnastics planned, as Work breaks 😀)

I feel SUPER fulfilled after the progress in first session and • flow freely• in the second. 

It’s epic how my body always knows the next step. I visualize a goal / something I want to achieve and exercises flow. 


I work on Shoulder Alignment. 

I go further in practice and I notice my 
• Limiting beliefs ‘From ‘can I do this? To… sure I can?… are dropping one by one 
• By filming I can see what I feel whilst dling the exercises. It brings me another level of self awareness. 


Did you have time for a healthy work break today? 

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