What’s your next goal?

I’ll walk with you.

Whatever you want to achieve, it’s the SAME process.

Whether you are going towards a health, sports, career, family support… goal, … the big foundational PROCESS is the same.


My reels are chronologically. My current journey is to participate in the Olympics. 

My journey is unique.

I have been pulled to do trampolining even flips with twists waaaaaay BEFORE getting back to running.

I let my body show me the pace and choose activities that I get HIGHLY EXCITED about.

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1. Commit to something SO big it will PULL you forward naturally.

2. Question your WHY deeply. No worries, your path will align itself.

3. Tell everyone and wait for the R-word ‘it’s not realistic’. When you found a goal you are passionate about that gets this reaction, congratulations, you nailed it! This is their perception, not yours. We are all on earth with different talents and all contribute in different ways! Your goal NEEDS to be unique for it to be YOU.

 4. Try! Fail! But move forward. (Fail safely. Visualize lightly what potentially dangers could be and have backup plans but don’t overdue it. Just enough to take a safe next step)

What next step towards your goal gets you EXCITED?

If you don’t have a Goal, if have some inspirational templates for your career & lifestyle ready. Pm me

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