One of the most beautiful things you will discover when choose the path of entrepreneurship in a heart-centered and purposeful way is that 

ALL your relationships will become DREAM Relationships

In order for you to attract customers that treat you well (YES: you hear me right: customers that treat YOU well! Most of you heart-centered entrepreneurs have got the caring for your customers more then covered through natural gifts, that’s why you choose this path! 😜

You NEED to determine what you need for your emotional needs to be met in ANY relationship. 

Figure out your love languages

(Gifts? Touch? Words of affirmation? Quality time?…) and translate that into your Business relationships. 

If you are a natural OVER-giver, you will have to learn to receive: support, money, praise,… 

Practice with yourself first. Discover a safe intimate relationship where you can freely figure out who you are, what you want of a relationship (understand your default & cultural conditioning) and build from an epic foundational relationship with unconditional love. (You’ll need to love yourself unconditionally).

You will attract your dream customer when YOU are excited and living your best life where your business and working hours fit in! 

You’ll get so excited about every single day, planning it out carefully, focusing consciously on attracting DREAM customers that honour, respect and love you physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and financially. 

That is where a business scales and becomes… an empire.


How will you set up yourself for excitement today? 

Here’s an example sentence :

Amazing kudos to my partner  for being the best supporter, fan, mirror, leader, entertainer, hustler, athlete, lover, traveler, creator, ….

You inspire me every day and help me finish ‘the infamous last  10%’ of challenges and goals!

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