What are the lessons learned, impact, future scenarios and developments since the 2020-2022 Global Approach ?


Structuring and patterning symptoms and focusing consistent attention through media on it in multiple countries helps governments to take risk and allocate budgets

Commercial naming to label a problem with multiple stakeholders connected to the problem with a  monopoly to bring the solution created trust in governments to allocate some of the largest budgets.

There is always budget.

With a clear commercial business path with win-win for all commercial and political parties, governments will take risk and free up budgets, even if printing that budget money causes 15% – 30% inflation.
When budget is necessary, enough media attention is shown, powerful business show a co

Value Shift

Impact: Value-shift. Even collective oriented cultures  had to shift to the commercial business belief system of individualistic values. Under the belief system of ‘save yourself first’ then you can save someone else, people were divided. Old-generation business strategy was implemented in communicated to ‘divide and conquer’.

Younger generations were only empowered with 3 ‘marketing habits’, THINGS they need to BUY to be ‘SAVED’ from something they cannot protect themselves from. Their brains will  now naturally create ‘fear’ from others, whilst healing and older-human-supports needs energy exchange for optimal health.


The copy-effect. Ever seen how moaning goes through a classroom?
Never on this scale has psychological subliminal messaging been shown in group behavior. 
Research opportunities: the effect of online media & offline agencies repeating similar messages dozens of times per day can now be clearly measured
Future: give all people and wellbeing professionals empowerment and a voice via bottom-up financial budget versus topdown budgets only. 
Focus on prevention and budget NOW. > 97% are reactive budgets
Within prevention focus on empowerment of body immunity rather than addiction to external solely commercial incentives.
Transparancy in relationship between shareholders