Healing an injury requires focus and understanding. Daily time investment.

How to approach this? Here’s 5 steps.

1. Understand what bones are where.

Draw up the area of your body that needs attention (ex. the ankle) and draw up bonesthat may need attention. The more you understand, the better you can feel it.


2. Add numbers for tension to MAP the area tension

Give each part a ‘push’ with your finger and feel the intensity of tension from

0 = resistance

to 10 = Full Freedom

3. Map the ligaments 

Go more in detail. Do the same exercise with ligaments.

4. WHY questions

Observe your mind and ask all kinds of WHY questions. Things you need to KNOW to further heal.

5. Make a summary of your learnings

Summarize the key points of what you learned as a reminder. 

Work on it a little bit each day and make sure you track your progress.