I am so grateful to be fully training.

I see my progress in this session:

List all your progress 
For example in gymnastics: 
I did 1 flip forward + 1/2 turn 

My ankle feels stable
I’m developing a new and strong relationship with my bodypart

I feel how all movement NOW feels.
I allow time to feel, adapt, trust and play!

I feel my  body is ready

This new sensation is interesting
I feel new muscle build
My bodypart shares messages: 
  •  I am the strong one
  • ‘I am stronger then ever.
  • I am ready.
  • Take me on this journey
I can feel new strength in my bones, and at same time temdons, muscles, that are building, growing, and releasing e-motion, energy and memories that I do not need anymore.

I am able to grow through my passion of (trampolining) it is easy to bring joy and play and amaze myself, how quick progress is possible. It’s a feel. 

What determines if I can ‘handle’ the power of landing is
• The technique of the jump: more momentum, better kickouts (rekease of energy) is software landings
• Just doing it full on and not holding back, completely going in flow

In what sport was’ your best Stronger-Back? 

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