First training back in Australia in the most beautiful location💯

Armidale Gymnastics has upgraded their facilities 2x in the last 2 decades (Great job Wally and team!!) even building an extra shed!

During my travel I got to train there today whilst epic vibes of a Womens’Gymnastics State competition were ON. 
💯 Congratz to all participants: showing up is winning!


After 50+ hours of travel 🛬
 New Delhi 


We arrived ! 🙂

Tomorrow we are back in our Tiny Homes @moovvillages @perlinstinyhouse 


Our US-customer base has been growing after we officially opened up the US market in May 2022, this has been one of the most exciting milestones in my career at Moov-IT. Epic customers, companies, joint ventures and now… NEW BIG dreams in the make! 

Proud of all the Go-getters, Dreamers, Visionaries, Excellent Implementers, Supporters, Connectors, in our network and ecosystem! You boost my energy EVERY SINGLE DAY! I could not be more grateful for this work, career and reality❤️🛬
Keep dreaming, walking and talking and everything Manifests ❤️
#dreamjob #lawofattraction #corporatewellness #gymnastics

Watch training here

Belgium to Australia

Now flying is getting back to normal (0 entry requirements in Australia), I look forward to continuing my Digital Nomad journey of visiting everyone I love and built connections with regularly and building 4 @moovvillages to feel home all over the world (Byron Bay • Bali • Belgium • Portugal) and… The MOOVMENT Institute Cruise Ship is in the making with an epic visionary customer and friend of Moov-IT in the US! 

Jumping before and after the flight 

Grateful to •• jump •• right in and keep my trainings going! 
I’ve gotten to 15+ hours / week and had epic progress in the last 4 weeks!
After 8 months /  of Rehab including 2 surgeries:
👉 All 3/4 back saults & front saults feel GREAT 
👉 All back saults and baranis on big tramp are getting SMOOTH and Higher!
👉 Even during rehab, I got to learn something new about some muscle or alignment in my body. 

Having the right alignment and understanding of my muscles, joints, bones,… speeds up learning new skils!

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