Let’s talk Sales. 

Imagine your friend has had a Dream for many years to jump from an airplane with a parachate. 

She sees an ad, calls you full of excitement if you’d join and you both book in! 

You prepare the day, do a photoshoot, get in the plane but the moment she’s ready to jump, she freaks out and refuses to do it. 

As a – caring – friend. What would you do?

What would you do?

A. Tell her ‘it’s ok! You don’t have to do it. We’ll do it another time’

B. Talk her through her fears until she finally feels safe enough to jump? 

What situation will make her feel good SHORT term and what will LONG term? 

Did you have bad sales experiences?

As a Sales person there is a lot about being ‘pushy’ and I completely understand because many (uneducated) sales jobs feel like robots pushing a script with 0 human understanding and expecting you to say yes to anything after reading a (usually emotionally manipulative) script coming from fear. 

This will challenge you but help your friend.

Now here is the beauty and this will challenge YOU as a sales person. 

The person you meet on the phone had a dream waaaaay before you met (otherwise you wouldn’t be connecting). 

If you both feel the product, timing, payment,… is right, then they are IN.

Money shows the truth

Now the interesting thing when it comes to payment is that the payment IS setting to goal in coaching, the payment IS the jumping out of the plane, the no way back. 

This is the stage where Deep dark Fears  come up and many customers have lots of self sabotage happening. 

This is where in true authentic relating sales, you have an opportunity to be the best coach ever and support someone in taking the jump of their life. 

If they don’t jump, they start/continue a pattern/habit of wanting something, choosing themselves a goal, but not coming true. This will cause less confidence, joy. It feels lighter short term but has negative impact on long term.

As a sales person, you invest your time, to coach them through all their fears and patterns. For you it will be obvious, ratio is gone, logic is gone, and your tool is to use the right questions to bring them BACK in alignment so they jump and fulfil THEIR dream. You need to be their ultimate believer, the fact they haven’t jumped before is that nobody has believed in them before.

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