In wellbeing organisations, you want to make sure there is a standard of relationships in your company.

The Health and Wellbeing of your team will show off on the overall health of your company.

When customer show unrespectful behavior:

  • Not showing up to a meeting without communicating
  • Not being respectful towards your sales associate etc… 


Then as leaders we need to set a standard of how we WANT our team to be treated.

If we let our customers treat our teams badly, we will loose people over and over.

So yes while we NEED customers to survive and even have a team, setting basic standards and empowering the team to set boundaries

Example of a NO-Show Template Message when a customer did not shows up and ask for another meeting
Dear [First name ],
We are only able to host 1 free session with you.

If there a extreme circumstances we understand and can rebook. Did anything happen to you? 

We want to help you in other ways:

We’ have a large volume of applicants and our free intro offer is an extra, so we cannot offer another  free strategy session. 

We can help you this way: 

Here is a video of the content discussed in the strategy session. 

If good behavior is shown: 

If after this video you are eager to commit to working with us, here you can book a first paid private coaching session. 

We look forward to see you grow in Corporate Wellness!


All the best,
Team Moov-IT 

The customers that are eager to learn more and work with you, WILL! And this will show you have clear boundaries to protect all team members’ wellbeing in your organisation.

You are better off loosing bad customers, because the way the behave BEFORE the relationship, will be the way they behave IN the relationship.

Sometimes less but better, more grateful customers is a much healthier organisation.