Company Careers are not up to speed yet with Investor Expectations.

Have a look at how Index Funds are assessing Health & Safety of employees at 3.7% of their analyses.   
That means: 3.7% of staff, should be working on wellbeing. Where is your company at?
Australia is still missing 343.000 wellbeing managers.
When investing in Index funds, do you take into account how companies facilitate the well-being of their employees? In this study comparing index funds, internal social policy is 1 of the 5 main criteria. Within that, safety + health is 17%. In total, this plays a role for 3.4% of the assessment. If we extend this further in the economy of jobs (focus = priority), we see, for example, in Australia that Well-being (65,000p) is only 0.5% of the labor market (12 mi). To be up to standard with this evaluation, 343,000 welfare managers are still needed in Australia. Curious about the calculation in Belgium? 😜
Fancy a project abroad? 🙂
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