Corporate Wellness careers work best in companies with more than 200 employees.

There are only 55% of companies in America with a Corporate Wellness manager and only 10% outside of America.

This is an overview of companies that do not yet have Corporate Wellness Managers!
In the US, 30.600 companies do not yet have this role. A total of 2817 firms located in New York need a Corporate Wellness Manager and/or Consultant. This career requires 3345 people in Australia, 1186 in Belgium / Flanders, 2817 in the Netherlands, and 302 in Vancouver!

It is possible to do 2-3 clients per year as a consultant, for every 60 days. 

When you complete your first project, you decide whether you want to grow your business and hire people, or if you want to support the company internally with training and tools. 

You can work remotely whenever you like, wherever you want, setting a good example for your company’s work-life balance.

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