Do many Corporate Wellness Consultants become Digital Nomads? 


As a consultant you will be invited and challenged to find the most inspiring work-life cultures in the world and this often requires travel. Instead of airplane-company travel, Moovers are digital Nomads. We make online courses in Airbnbs, do calls from the beach and dive deeply into local wellbeing cultures!

To get this done, you need to plan the financials of this lifestyle in advance. Use our course tools, like ‘ the hourly fee’ to make sure you are financially in clarity, control and abundance!

With us, you are in the driver seat of your career.

You need to create your Dream Worklife too if you want to be EXCITED and lead by example!

You will be THE business athlete inspiring in healthy habits in terms of productivity, time management, movement, nutrition, mindset, and social relationships,… That is why YOU decide what type of company you work for, when you work, where you work, how much you charge, what culture you feel comfortable around,…

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