If you work in Corporate Wellbeing, you need MORE boundaries then in your previous sales, marketing, customer service, CEO, finance, legal,… career. 

Corporate Wellness is a professional career.  When people know you specialise in wellbeing you become an easy ‘first-contact’ for 
• business clients 
• online followers 
to throw all the Wellbeing issues THEY are dealing with in THEIR relationships with their pets, family, friends, other coaches, life, the government, employers, … 

Somehow because you have the label WELLBEING you become the garbage bag for ALL of THEIR issues. 

Take these 3 steps to avoid this:

1. Relationships beyond relationships

1. You are NEVER responsible for issues your (potential) customers have in THEIR relationships. Acknowledge them, address them but keep your focus professional. Don’t make the energies they have enter in your Energy field. It’s not yours to deal with. (Feeling drained a lot, check in if this is an unconscious pattern you have). 


2. The professional versus the personal

 If you are hired as Corporate Wellness Consultant: you are hired to bring in Tools & Strategies to Prevent issues in wellbeing of a group of people. A part of your PAID time can be managing reactive situations, yet therapists are better in place for that. As a Corporate Wellness Manager or consultant you bring in the tools to TEACH people how to create an epic worklife. 

3. Where does emotional connection fit?

Even though it is wellbeing, and meditation, sharing and emotional connection has a place in building great relationships, your MAIN focus is a clear contractual agreement between the service you offer ; if you offer Moov-IT dreamjob methodology, then you are responsible to deliver 2 days per week of Tools, techniques, structure with empowering sessions either 1-1 or in group to cocreate healthy PROACTIVE habits for wellbeing. Again this is NoT a place for you to step into the energy that your group or customers have with THEIR relationships or quantum field of life. STAY in yours. 

Many wellbeing professionals are drained or burned out or have to quit due to financial imbalances in giving versus receiving. 

With our Dreamjob methodology you get a proven proactive toolkit so that you are offering a simple contract to a company (2 days per week). 

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