How to stop second-guessing yourself?

Do you admire people who are decisive? Who seem to always have the answer and take quick decision? 

Do you feel you need more time or never really come to a good feeling decision and stay stuck and in between 2 worlds?

Here’s 3 tips to get quicker in decision-making

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Step 1: Align yourself first 

To make aligned and clear decisions your body and mind need to feel CLEAR and good.

For your body: Do a small stretch so all muscles in your body are relaxed or use yoga tune up balls to roll out any excess tension.

For your mind: write down all your thoughts, observe any emotions on thoughts (shame, fear, guilt,…) and ask yourself questions ‘why’ until you have reorganised your mind and it’s clear.

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Step 2: Boost your mind

Failing is ok. Learn that there will always be fear present and that FEELING means you ARE doing the right thing! It will help you grow! Allow yourself to potentially fail, yet COMMIT to doing this and trusting it!

Step 3: Get enough info

Watch videos. Feed your mind. Make it a habit to research, visualize, watch, … on the topic you are second-guessing until you feel confident you have all info to make a good-feeling decision!

This is how I write my mind thoughts down to help make challenging, often financial, decisions quicker and with ease.