Have you been traveling as a Digital Nomad for years.

And are you ready to settle somewhere for a bit? 

We have created a vision for a village of Tiny Wellbeing Homes for Digital Nomads in Byron Bay Australia, and the first home is now available to pre-book your stay in 2023. 

Do high costs of living feel intimidating to you?

Do you know that you CAN make it work if your really want to? 

Do you believe something new will always manifest as it alwasy does? 

Do you want to start by visitng and staying in our MoovVillage home a bit to see how you like the area and consider if you could create your own home there?

Your Tiny Home Office Wellbeing Investment Property

  • Do you love the concept of tiny homes ?
  • Is the budget of investing 75.000 AUD – 150.000 AUD within your means of investing?
  • Would you love being around a community of wellbeing entrepreneurs?
  • Looking at your tiny MoovVillage from an investment perspective rather than a home where you put all your savings and keeps you ‘stuck  in 1 place’ can help you build your property portfolio quick
Request a business case
Express your interested for your stay in the MoovVillage Tiny Home in Byron Bay
  • Great for video creators 
  • Expand your soul at night being one with nature
  • Space for outdoor yoga
  • Indoor space for wellbeing
  • Office spaces 
  • Natural wood and curves 
  • Gorgeous designs