Whether it is in a business, friend or personal relationship, having someone disconnect from you, hurts.
In my experience, there is only 1 reason why people disconnect from you: they disconnect from themselves.
Especially in deep, conscious relationships where you share dreams, fear and desires and truly know each other at the deepest level and had a deep connection…
When disconnection happens, one of both parties gave up, is overcoming a fear or is running away.
Sometimes it just needs time. To realign your mind.
Some people reached their level for a couple of years, whilst you are ready to grow.
In an ideal situation, we grow together. But as with athletes, every one has their own path.
We can manage the path as coaches, and help people through mind and emotional fears. The more fears we have conquered as coaches the better we can support because we were there, on that cliff, afraid to jump into the unknown, even rationally knowing it was a safe jump. 
For high-performers, that have consciously created identities are their performances, it is really important to have people around that know them in other identities too. In the identity of friend, sister, brother, mother, daughter, lover,… This basic relationship where there is NO expectation of performance is crucial to survive. 
Having a cosy homebase does feel really good to balance travel. 🙂❤️
And a home is not a physical place. It is a feeling and summary of emotional needs. 
A home gives opportunities to connect on social, emotional, financial, mental and spiritual level. To have fun. To let go.
Challenges are great and necessary in life. But they need periods of just being and relaxing too. 
If someone disconnects from you, often there is a lot of SHAME involved. Often shame that this person is not the person they were presenting themselves to be. They know. Their values change. Their priorities. 
We need to truly believe everybody wants each other to be happy. 
Can a place with high costs feel ike a home? Can relationships with high standards of relating (openness, transparency..) feel like a home? 
Yes, it can. As long as there is accountabiliity for feelings, emotions, you will get support. And there is a huge potential of feeling great and better than ever before when you are surrounded by high performers in relationships. They set a culture and you blend in.
If you work online you may be missing offline work. Getting a physical job can be a great way. Especially in wellbeing.
Corporate Wellness is making people feel home in cities and companies by established cultures of positive examples who have accountability and care habits.
Have you considered corporate wellness?
You work 2 or 3 days per week.
45% of American companies and 90% of companies in the world or looking for this job. 
If you live in Australia, in our Byron Bay MoovVillage, you could get hired in Sydney and enjoy citylife for 1 or 2 nights per week combined with bush-retreat-life the other part of the week.
This way you can get the best of city-performing-connecting and nature: connecting with yourself.
And we would love to host you in our first Wellbeing Tiny home!
Let us know your dates of choice and we will send you the full travel itinerary of how to get here and what to do so you can have a fulfilling home-feeling stay!
So exciting!
I’m sure you’d love it here,
Australia can feel big,  intimidating and full of dangers, but.. I believe now it’s about knowing the right places and people to go to build your unique flow and dreamlife. (And Bali is so close 🙂
Griet Johanna


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