Griet Johanna Launches her Latest book ‘CEO Dreamjob’ to Infuse Reality into Work-Life Balance Corporate Strategies

(August 16, 2021) – Entrepreneur, innovator, and author Griet Johanna pens her brand-new book titled, ‘CEO Dreamjob’. What is to be the first in a series of books on creating a healthy work environment, this book depicts the essence of corporate wellbeing and its significance in these times.

‘CEO Dreamjob’ can be described as an inspiring tale, a story that follows the life of Charlotte & Hanna as they wake their way into the workplace for the first time. With two contrasting experiences in two very different work environments, the book gives the reader a peek into what a healthy work-life can and should look like.


Employers who are concerned about the physical and psychological health of their employees and employees who consider the work-life balance as a top priority. It’s a win-win for the CEO who ends up with happy employees that make his job “a dream”, says a spokesperson for Griet Johanna’s book, ‘CEO Dreamjob’.


This is not a “HOW TO” book, but a fresh “eye-opener” of young and fiery talent with a mission. The fictional characters truly reflect the Millennial of today. Originally, a mirror is held up here. Very recognizable situations are discussed step by step, and if you have turned the last page, you are guaranteed to be a step closer to the real meaning of Corporate Wellness and your deepest self. Your dream job does not exist – you have to create it”, says an impressed reader.

This book is the start of bringing investors in the space of corporate wellness through four businesses described below:


1) A Dreamjob course business that helps entrepreneurs create jobs in this space. Moov-IT Global helps investors set up teams of 6 people that will train 20 people per month and rolling out this new consulting job in projects of 60 days for companies & cities. More information: 



2) Moov-IT Global helps investors with creating a setup. Investors again set teams of 6 people, and will be guided by Moov-IT in recruitment, training & creating a tech setup for 4 companies/city each month. The teams will create an app that boosts preventive health & wellbeing. More information: 



3) Healthgurus is the third business model. Healthguru packages ( pioneering holistic health knowledge into company and city apps to offer companies 4-week, pre-made health marketing campaigns.


Amazing challenges on financial wellbeing, pain-free living, burnout prevention for doctors, digital nomad living, conscious relating in companies, all of these can be ordered for teams between 200-200.000 people through this easy to use app.



4) The 4th business models that investors can choose is Moovvillages.  Moov-IT global guides teams in setting up digital nomad villages, starting with flagship villages in Gent, Portugal, Byron Bay, and Bali to live in unique wellbeing oriented tiny homes with likeminded professionals.

Seven years after Moov-IT Belgium created, tested and made a new company, Moov-IT Global began in June 2021 with Australia and will scale all 4 Moov-IT businesses and help investors get into this space quickly. The Belgium company will serve as unique flagship company that creates new IP, and the Global company will scale & train businesses. The Australian company will be a McDonald’s like system where Dreamjob companies are helped to recruit and train Dream-jobbers. Twenty Dream-jobbers, Scalecommunity businesses have set up 4 apps, while Healthguru packages 20 healthguru’s, and Moovvillage businesses.

Griet Johanna founded her company, Moov-IT Global in Australia, designed to scale businesses and help investors get into this space. Johanna started her companies by combining her passion for health and wellbeing with her skills in business, marketing & managing teams. In her free time, she enjoys Acro yoga, vegan food, and deep talks on the beach under the stars. She is a competitive trampolining gymnast.

Griet has a degree in Sports Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Level 4 Reiki Certificate and studied in Peter Sage, Sam Ovens & Ziad Abdelnours’ online business schools. She has been a Digital Nomad since 2018 by living in over twenty countries in over +250 Airbnb’s whilst operating four wellbeing businesses.


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