Are you looking for Direction in your Career and Lifestyle?
Our Dreamjob Course takes you on a 1-year journey to transform your work and life, supporting by a group of Digital Nomads.
You get:
  •  Access to our Signature Dreamjob course to position yourself online, attract local and global opportunities  and all documentation to roll-out a 60-day project 
  • You invest < 10% of what the potential return is for 1 customer. Being hired as a consultant you earn, with our senior knowledge skill level, depending on your region 75$-250$ per hour.
  • Our customers have worked with large retail, IT, healthcare, technology, financial, transport, post, .. companies. The sky is the limit. Any companies that has people needs  support.
  • You’ll have 2 group calls per week and daily answers to your questions each single day with suggestions for Moovs or new next steps you can take.
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This year | promised myself 2 things: | am writing a book and bringing my retreats to companies. I just got in the course and | am super excited! I started the Dreamjob Course and | immediately started attracting people wanting to work with me. The Dreamjob course using the law of attraction and suddenly | was sitting next to a CEO with more than 200 employees, just like that.

I just had to write quickly to share how full my heart is right now. It feels like my breath is deeper, my posture is straighter and I felt such a connection to family after our meeting! This is what I meant by connecting my work to my personal values! It’s happening already and happened immediately after (and of course during) our meeting. I was so nervous about the presentation to become Corporate Wellness Director and now I feel so much more confident and more ready to share my passion for wellness with my leadership team. I deeply appreciate your guidance and this vision I’m co-creating with you. It’s been so much fun!