What does your role as a Corporate Wellness Consultant look like?

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Part 1: You flow through wellbeing business talks with CEOs and directors with confidence.

Part 2: You implement a Corporate Wellness strategy in 60 day projects ( for 1- 2 days per week per company you work for). 

Watch video.

  • For the first 10 days you are dedicated to Creating a tailor-made well-being program
  • Day 11-20 = You Cocreate Moovs or ideas with the most enthusiastic ambassadors of the company
  • Day 21-30 = Make sure team leads can be supportive and get a bonus if their team is healthy!
  • Day 31-40 = Encourage employees to share healthy habits or Moovs
  • Day 41-50 = Create long-term training programs for healthy habits to keep improving
  • Celebrate the company’s growth with the management team at a MoovVillage retreat like Bali or Byron Bay in the last 10 days!

Are you looking for the Dream Career that fits your Lifestyle?

Do you have a deep passion for well-being and would love to feel that excitement in your career every single day?

Do you long for a tribe of inspiring colleagues that you fully resonate with?

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