Founder of Moov-IT and Lead Consultant Griet Johanna working from a Cliff in Portugal.

We will share the 5 key reasons that attracted tens of thousands of milllennials all over the world into becoming a Consultants at early ages in their career.

We’ve all heard of them. The world travelers. The people taking their laptop anywhere and working from a beach.

But who are they? What job do they do and mostly… HOW DID THEY GET THERE?

Some have just tried asking their boss ‘uhm so can I work from Thailand’, to get fired the next week.

What is this shift from a 9-5 job to being a consultant and how does it give this much freedom to some?

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Here’s 5 reasons why being a consultant is HOTTER then ever.

The first key reason why people become consultants:

1. You work when YOU want

Read that again. Yes. YOU decide on when, where and how to work.
But how does that work? Why would companies allow it?
Because… more freedom is more responsibility!
You are the only one not being paid and loosing customers if you don’t get your butt out of bed after a long night on the beach doing salsa with margaritas!

Another Reason has to do with financial incentives and spending time at work.

2. You can charge higher fees for less hours.

What? Why?
Well. You are not paid anymore to sit at a desk and attend meetings. You are paid for what is seen and this is your output. Your work. Smart consultants bring direct benefit (read money) to the company they work for and… the company is VERY willing to pay good fees for that.

Some people choose to become consultant because they found a unique process.

3. You get to set YOUR unique process

You are not hired to do tasks. You are hired because the company does not know what tasks need to be done in order for them to get results (read money, happy customers, happy employees, new customers, better products,,,,). The downside? It’s a big responsibility. Where do you start if… the company doesn’t know? Experience. Research. You are the ultimate problem-solver here.

Emotional reasons can also lay at the foundations of consulting careers.

4. You are more valued and heard than an internal employee

Sadly, this is true in many companies. Hiring a consultant means the knowledge is not In-house available / their is no specific role for the job. This means the company acknowledges your expertise. In employee roles you get told what to do and by when to do it. This changes the more you climb up the ladder but an external consulting giving advice on changing the best-selling product and being able to back it up with tons of research and data can be heard quicker than the sales team doing day-to-day operational work and having less time to put together big documentations to make a point.

Inspiration and diversity is a big reason for many.

5. You get to work for MORE then 1 company

Freelance consultants usually work for 2 or more companies. This brings benefits for freelancer and for the company. The consultant keeps growing in experience getting input from multiple companies from different industries.

Having shared 5 key benefits of being a consultant.

What do you think. Is it for you? Do you have any questions left?
Post them in the comments.