What is quiet quitting costing your company?

Step 1: How many leavers per year?  

How many people leave your company per year voluntarily? The ‘silent’ quitters?

Let’s assume market averages and let the MoovROI calculator do its thing, then 4809 people leave each year.

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Step 2: What is it costing your company to hire?

Are you using hiring agencies, how much training are you providing, … The costs can go up quick!

Average hiring costs are easily 15.000 $. 

To receive your unique own business case, can you ask your HR deparment for this number?

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What are ‘quiet quitters’ costing your company? 

Employees are excited to join a company, but if the values or expectations are not set right in this business relationship, they may silently quit.
Disengagement and burnout can be prevented. By providing tools to your staff to share their needs, a mutually respectful relationship can be build between employee and employer where the employee does not feel ‘hopelessly’ needing to follow direction of the employer, they have a say too, but… need to speak the language of the business priorities to be heard.

Many people value work-life balance and that is a basic need that companies should be able to provide.

Companies who cannot fulfill this need will see talent shortages. 

Research shows that 9 out of 10 quiet quitters can be persuaded to work within their full potnetial .


What is quiet quitting costing your company?

Step 3: Your companies’ risk tolerance? 

Studies show we can persuade 90% not to leave.
And 2 out of 3 reasons are wellbeing-related.
Let’s assume with wellbeing, that we can win 25% not to leave.
Can you ask around what voluntary staff turnover decrease AMBITION would be at your company?
Ambition 1: Low risk tolerance. Let’s try a small pilot assuming we encourage 10% to stay
Ambition 2: Medium risk tolerance: let’s go for 25% people less leaving.
Ambition 3: High risk tolerance: 
If you company has BIG ambition, would they not want to go for 80% prevention if 9 in 10 people are persuadable not to quit? 🙂
= Have almost ZERO leavers? In factories we’ve worked, we see with ZERO accident policies and goals, how about similar goals? 
In a case with  low-risk tolerance 30.000 employees, a 25% win would already be 1202 people NOT leaving EACH year? Isn’t that a huge amount of EFFORT saved for recruiters? 
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Step 4: The result: Annual cost cuts 

With the above statistics, for 30,000 people, we can save the company 17 million $i per year.
In the ROI calculations, we see that a focus on absenteesm (disease prevention) is an even higher return.
Whatever goal you set within your 
Hiring – Thriving – Staying strategy, the aim is that people feel SO GOOD they will stay. Your customers, managers, teams and shareholders will feel that. 
You need these numbers to get heard by management.
If your company is literally just hiring hiring hiring.. and blindsighted  to the disengagement and leave leave, leave…  there is a ROLE  missing and this will  not feel good for recruiters.
This role is the Corporate Wellness director, who manages hiring, thriving, staying through wellbeing.
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Are you eager to start? 

Would you like to learn all business cases and strategies to get hired by the Chief Human Resource officer, the Operational Excellence officer, or even better… get your beautiful luxury seat in the C-level committee? 

Show the numbers, speak the numbers. 

Someone in C-level will see that a crucial number is missing in their scorecards and kpis which effects ROI.

Not taking the wellbeing during hiring – Thriving – Staying seriously is a seriously inefficient way of spending money.

Ready to bring in wellness? Put on your business shoes first! 

In business models where people are ‘billable” as in, the company provides customers for their employees to help as consultants, .. it is crucial that the employees are supported like athletes. 

They need mental, social, emotional all-star coaching teams around them to thrive and excell. 

And you can be that Lead Teamleader.

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