Have you failed working with coaches or agencies to get started in Corporate Wellness Before?

A lot of people I get on the phone have tried coaches and agencies but it did not work for them. 

If you have not been successful with an agency it is because: 

  • They focus more of their effort on marketing then on understanding you and your unique language and needs.
  • As a starting entrepreneur you have a pace and rhytm that many agencies don’t understand, they push you in websites, marketing and ads when your mental and emotional process is just starting
  • That’s ok, that is their focus. But it hurts to see people suffer when expectations were set higher then met and a lot was invested with high hopes.
  • It is not you.
  • I’ve been there. I have a Masters degree in Economics, Marketing and Finance and have requested and received refunds from an international sales and an international highly reputable marketing firm. I have learned in the past 8 years of entrepreneurship what high qualityis and what results to expect for a 5$, 500$,  2000$, 5000$ and 75.000 $ budget and I have sadly had to reach out if the effort delivery of work is not what was communicated. After a while, it can be discovered easily who will and who will not deliver. It’s the emotions around the communication, the authenticity in the relationship. The questions they ask and the way of ‘selling’ to you,
  • A challenging one to discern this is when you talk to a business owner, and you feel understood, but when they start on your job, you get an employee  or contractor who’s by far as passionate or emotionally understanding. 
  • The online space is a growing jungle with little to no quality control or accountability.
  • Agencies give you the feeling that all will be done for you, but you must question the amount of time they spend in truly understanding and feeling you and your journey to discover, your dream customer. You are not selling cookies, you are selling YOU and that will be a continuous evolving beautiful service. 


If you had issues with a coach there is a few reasons why: 

  • You did not easily find your way into the course or services offered and need more tech support but did not have access to them 
  • You did not have time to do the work
  • You got stuck in the course
  • You got advice that did not feel right to your gut
  • You only got a course and no personalised coaching 
  • You did not get enough attention 
  • The coach you worked with was all about ‘positive mindset’ and did not really help you tactically or take action. Words instead of action.
  • It was too soon, a program in 8 weeks whilst it takes up to year to complete a cycle of starting a business, getting customers, delivering a project and reevaluating your business. A good coach is there for you all the way. 
  • The group was filled with people that you did not learn from, beginners and people without goals who took your attention, energy and time rather than business athletes leading by example


Here’s what you need to succeed with flow and fun:

  • Advice customized to your current needs and at your pace 
  • Attention and support to focus so YOUR unique journey feels good 
  • Intimate group of open yet vulnerable people on the same mission 
  • Directly working with the coach in a team setting where you feel like you have a supportive but directive boss who knows what is best for your business to start, grwo and survive and who gives you assignments until you know and have the guts to start leading yourself in this new field. This will give you accountabiity
  • A company that’s not too big, the smaller, the more they connect with you intimately.
  • And time.

It takes days, months and years to grow a company. Not a quick week program. That is also why many agencies  don’t work. 

It’s not the companies fault, when they grow their services dilute and sacrifice results for profit. 

With out clients it is the opposite

  • You determine the pace and we can get you results very fast by teaching you small daily habits
  • We understand you are busy and help you via behavior change methods
  • You pay 1 x to join and we work with you for 12 months or you pay monthly, just to get started and move through your money blocks. Starting is winning.
  • We give you attention on a daily basis and send you action items so you don’t have to go through long courses, you learn by doing and get the next action when you are ready. 

Everyone in our group are succesful corporate professionals from the US, Australia and Europe, high performers going from employee to business owners. 

Everyone wants to work as a Corporate Wellness consultant and has achieved a lot already

We are small groups, we are very selective the number of people we invite to join.

We are all charging 75-250 us $ per hour and have the same goal, getting hired for 2 days per week for 2 companies per year and managing the wellbeing of 200 employees at a time.

And we absolutely know what we are talking about as we are in the field and directly working with companies ourselves

Does this sound interesting to you?

If so, we’re more than happy to provide a free call where we give you a customised roadmap to help you grow your business.

eg. A recent professional that booked a call with was not shifting careers for year and had no idea how to get started.

For free we showed her how to start this new career, find her voice and story, get her excited about her profile, start reaching out online to companies she loved. 

This was only a free strategy call, we do 100x more with our clients.

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