Dreamjob MiniCourse Level 1

Build all foundations. Open up to believers. Create win-win for a healthy future!

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Course Contents

The course consists of the following episodes:
Episode 1: What is Corporate Wellness? 
  • Sweet spots for succesful corporate cultures
  • The magic ingredients for long term Corporate
  • (Harvard Business Review)
  • Building stones for long term behavior change
  • The true potential of your ambassadors 
  • Long term habits
Episode 2: Focus!
  • Business Case
  • Moov-IT Piramid 
  • Identifying  ambassodors
Episode 3: Get your organisation ready! 
  • Top down authentic relating with managers

  • Top down easy communication
  • Bottom-up cocreation 
  • Atttracting invitations to get your company along
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What’s included?

Video Training

Your coach has learned by doing. Corporate Wellness Expert Griet Vandenhouweele will take you through all the steps she and her team have been doing for over 4 years via a video training.

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Your video training is supported by a manual full of knowledge, personal stories, inspiration, insights, examples and learnings to boost your confidence, build your business case and motivation! 

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Community support

You are invited to the global community of Level 1 Dreamjob-ers sharing and boosting each other with real-life learnings and stories.Get connected, be inspired and share the vibes!

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The MoovAcademy

For this course you’ll make use of the MoovAcademy: a new hands-on way of learning.
Learn the ins and outs of corporate wellness at your own tempo, supported by your buddy through engaging video tutorials.
Learn how to create and implement a succesfull corporate wellness strategy via “learning by doing!”. Get manuals, a summary of  templates of 4 years of experience of the Moov-IT team guiding you through every step! 
Get quick and personal support along the way from one of the Moov-IT’s professional coaches and learn quicker via the global community! Via website or mobile web.
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Start with Start2Dreamjob and once you are in flow, keep going! Dreamjob Level 1 will help you build deep foundations making your organisation mentally and organisationally ready for the next 10 years of healthy working 😉 

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  • Dreamjob Level 1
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